Click here for event information relating to the announced closure of Tropicana Las Vegas. Last updated February 17.

Event Updates

Regarding the Closure of Tropicana Las Vegas

This page will be updated regularly with event information pertaining to the announced closure of Tropicana Las Vegas, the originally contracted venue for FlightSimExpo 2024.

This page was last updated on February 17, 2024.

Update Regarding Venue Feedback Survey and Search

February 17, 2024

Out of more than 600 responses, The Rio was the favored choice in our recent survey: 77% of respondents chose that option.

Accordingly, this week we have been working with The Rio on a venue agreement with the same attendee benefits and room rate as Tropicana. We sent them what we hope is our final mark-up yesterday, and are expecting their reply on Monday.

Once the contract is in place and a room booking link is available, we’ll send instructions on how reservations can be transferred.

Thank you for your continued patience; we’ll post another update by Tuesday.

Should I be worried about travel plans?

Based on the options available, the event will be held in Las Vegas over the originally planned dates: June 21-23, 2024. We are not considering venue proposals for alternative dates or cities.

What should I do about my room reservation at Tropicana?

We are working with the Tropicana to make the transition as easy as possible. Once a contract with the new venue is established, you will be sent instructions on how to transfer your reservation.

We will post another update next week, once we have had the opportunity to review your feedback.

Venue Update & Feedback Survey

February 10, 2024

As posted yesterday, we have been working to secure a new partner for this year's show and are now ready to make a final venue decision.

To see the options and share your feedback, click the button below.

Replacement Venue Survey

Update Regarding Venue Search

February 9, 2024

We continue to make great progress and are optimistic that we’ll be able to formally announce the new venue for FlightSimExpo 2024 as early as next week. As we've communicated previously, the event will be held in Las Vegas over the originally planned dates: June 21-23, 2024.

For context, negotiating a venue contract is typically a 4-6 month process, and we’ve been able to complete that work in about 3 weeks.

Given the unique nature of our event and the focus on budget that many flight simmers and developers have, getting all the pieces in place is important before we sign an agreement. For example, a larger corporate event might just sell exhibit space and leave exhibitors to purchase electricity from the on-site provider. In our case, we work with that on-site provider to get the best price, then include that in the cost of an exhibit booth. These negotiations take time, but result in a better overall experience for our attendees and partners.

Tomorrow, we'll provide an update on the spaces we've looked at and share the names of the replacement venues we will be selecting between. We'll also post a survey to collect your feedback on those options as we work towards a final decision.

Thanks for your continued patience and support.

Update Regarding Venue Search

February 4, 2024

We are happy to share that we now have or are expecting proposals from three replacement venues for FlightSimExpo 2024. Each option is in Las Vegas and has availability over our June 21-23, 2024 dates. We have inspected one of the venues previously; the others have not been considered for previous events.

Additionally, we met with the Tropicana on Friday as planned to discuss their efforts in helping us locate an alternative venue. They advised us that we had already established contact with their leading candidates for alternative venue placement, but that additional outreach was possible. We emphasized the importance of their role in assisting us, and asked them to target several additional properties. We will be meeting with them again mid-week.

Finally, our team traveled to Las Vegas today to conduct inspections at venues we have not yet seen. Following the results of these inspections, we anticipate sharing the names of potential venues to collect feedback from attendees and partners while we work through contract details.

We will post another update on or before Friday.

Update Regarding Venue Search

January 31, 2024

Over the past two days, we have been in contact with both the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and The Tropicana. Both entities are actively assisting us in finding an alternative venue for FlightSimExpo 2024.

The Visitors Authority has sent out a revised RFP to properties throughout Las Vegas, and we have reached out directly to several potential venues. The Tropicana has committed to reaching out to their contacts across Las Vegas to help relocate our event. They advised us the community has been supportive—venue closures are not unusual for Las Vegas. We will reconnect with them on Friday, February 2 to receive an update on their search.

We would like to acknowledge the professionalism The Tropicana’s staff has shown throughout this process—obviously, the news has a significant impact on their own livelihoods and careers.

Our intent remains to host FlightSimExpo 2024 during the originally planned dates (June 21-23, 2024) in Las Vegas. We will provide another update this weekend, following Friday’s conversation with The Tropicana.

Statement Regarding the Closure of Tropicana Las Vegas

January 29, 2024

Earlier today, it was announced that Tropicana Las Vegas, our contracted FlightSimExpo 2024 venue, will close on April 2, 2024. We were not informed of this news in advance of its public release this afternoon.

When the Tropicana emerged as our preferred venue for FlightSimExpo 2024, we were aware of discussions regarding its long-term future. We engaged extensively with hotel management, Hilton, and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, all of whom confirmed to us that the hotel would remain operational through at least 2025. These confirmations were integrated in the contractual agreement we established with the hotel.

Therefore, today's announcement is an unforeseen development and obviously creates an unexpected challenge for all of us.

Next Steps

As event organizers, we remain committed to hosting FlightSimExpo 2024. Our intent is to secure a new venue in Las Vegas for the originally planned dates. We have already arranged calls this week to discuss options with Tropicana and other potential venues. We will keep you informed about progress and any updates to the event.

For attendees, we recommend holding off on making any changes to hotel plans. We will be engaging the Tropicana this week regarding the status of hotel room bookings, your room deposits, and next steps.

The support and enthusiasm we've received for this year's event has been outstanding, and with your help we fully expect to overcome this obstacle and make the 2024 event a resounding success.

Please monitor this page for updates and join Discord to engage in the conversation. We also will send any important action items to registered attendees via email.


The FlightSimExpo Team